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Who I Am

I’m driven by a constant desire to help others. That, and my ADHD.

I entered the business world at 19 and founded Merchant Solutions EDGE to help business owners save money on their credit card processing. In July of 2016 I founded (net)work smarter to simplify the search for business networking events, tips and resources. In January of 2017, I co-founded a networking group called Thursday BNI Evolution. My newest project is ELiVATED Systems.

During my off time, I volunteer as a Baltimore City Police Chaplain and build really cool websites. Want to get in touch? I’m on Twitter and LinkedIn. Talk to you soon!

– Eli

What I'm Up To

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IdeaMaker | ELiVATED Systems

I help business owners streamline their systems.
The System Works.

“As a business owner, you know exactly how to run your company. We document those processes so you can follow them again and again.”

This has been my passion ever since I was young. I’m super excited to make this awesome!

ELiVATED Systems

Founder | (net)work smarter

I help people network smarter, not harder.

Business Networking. Simplified.

“Find local business networking events, meet other professionals, read useful articles and use valuable resources. Learn to network smarter, not harder.”

I founded (net)work smarter to help people find networking events, tips and resources. 

(net)work smarter

Co-Founder | Thursday BNI Evolution

David “Big Daddy” Addi & I are doing business networking the right way. 

Making More Money.

“Networking with a purpose. Come visit us and see how we’re doing it better. Meet other professionals at the beautiful DC Dental office in Pikesville.”

We started this networking group to do more business – not drink more coffee.

Thursday BNI Evolution

What I've Written

Everyone has a voice. Here’s mine.

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