July 14, 2017

Answer Your Emails (please, I beg you)

Subject: Re: Social
From: Eli Hochberg <[email protected]>
To: Potential Client <[email protected]>

Hey – just confirming you got this email.

Stay busy,

I recently saw a post by Dovid Sukenik about the Gmail Smart Reply feature and a post by Justin Sandridge about cold emails. It got me thinking about how many unanswered emails I send out, even though it’s so easy to respond. When I first started off in business, I learned about the 24-hour rule:

Always answer every communication within 24 hours.

There are a few main reasons this rule is so important for anyone with an email address.

It’s Polite

If you were having a conversation with someone and they ignored you, that would be super weird. Email is a conversation. Most questions or statements deserve a response – maybe a curt one – but something that shows acknowledgement. If we have a discussion about social media and you ask me to send more info via email, don’t you think a simple “Thanks” is appropriate?

It’s Good Business

At My Content Co, we aim to answer emails within 1/2 a business day. Good communication is essential to good business. When people see you’re responding to emails quickly, they know potential problems will be resolved just as speedily. Being on top of your inbox shows clients you care.

It Makes Me Go Away

I sell. Every morning, I open my CRM and run through my list of people to follow up with. The quickest way to get off that follow-up list is to respond to my emails. It doesn’t matter if you say “Let’s get started” or “Stop bothering me” – I just need SOMETHING!

More importantly than my needs, it also serves your interests. What I offer isn’t a good fit for everyone so why should both of us waste time? Letting me know early on that you don’t think it’ll work, will free up both our time and we can get back to work.


Answering emails is polite, good business and gets rid of pesky salesmen. Even if you don’t respond immediately, I beg you to respond eventually.

Now if you’ll excuse me, I’ve got some follow-ups to send.