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Trial By Gunfire

A double shooting happened in Northwest Baltimore last week. I was riding with the officer who took charge of the scene – commonly know as the “Primary” – and got to witness the whole operation.

Networking Doesn’t Work

“I don’t understand networking.” “It’s never worked for me or my business and it’s a waste of time.” “I never get anything out of it.” “I go to all these groups but no one ever follows up.”

I Might Know Someone…

You’ve heard this at every networking event you’ve ever been to. You say your 30 second pitch and the other person responds with, “That’s such a cool business! I might know someone…“

I (Finally) Got A Job

I’m excited to announce my next step! Effective February 1st, I will be the new CMO at My Content Co. It has been an incredible journey getting here. Let’s take a trip down memory lane.