May 9, 2017

Do What You Love or Love What You Do

You’re told from a young age to do what you love. Unfortunately, you probably won’t do what you love so you have to adapt and learn to love what you do.

Dreams vs. Reality

You’re 5 years old and it’s the first time you hear THE question:

What do you want to do when you grow up?

What did you answer? I know I wanted to be a scientist but guess what? I’m not. So what happened? Why didn’t I do what I loved? Because Reality hit me as I got older. Being a scientist was too much work and I wasn’t interested in spending all that time on it.

So I became a businessman.

I’m not the only one who switched my “life major” in middle. Countless people wake up each morning and head to work at a job that provides them with the money to actually do what they love. They don’t love their work but they work for their love. But it shouldn’t be that way.

Option 1: Do What You Love

I do what I love. As CMO at My Content Co, I get to help business owners share their dreams with the world. Tell me that isn’t awesome! It’s why I frequently put in 12 hour work days, fine-tuning a website layout or understanding a vision. Because I love it.

What do you love?

Maybe you’re a banker and love helping people open their first savings account after the birth of a child. Or, maybe you’re a car salesman and watching a 16 year old try out his first car makes you smile wide. You’re living the dream and getting paid for it! That’s the best scenario but also a rare one.

Option 2: Love What You Do

Let’s say you’re an insurance adjuster and you spend all day looking at car accidents. In a dream world, you would have been a sailor but you’re not. But guess what? You love the work you do! You’ve found a way to get satisfaction out of your work and that’s awesome.

That’s Option 2 – adapting and learning to love what you do.

It’s not hard. You just need to find something about your work to fall in love with. Let’s use the insurance adjuster example again. Maybe you love the fact you get to meet new people or be out and about all day. All you need to do is find something to enjoy about your work and suddenly, Mondays won’t suck so bad.

Option 3: Suffer, Complain & Do Nothing

Most people choose this one. It’s easy. Why worry about finding a new job when you can stay where you are and change absolutely nothing? But that’s also the saddest option.

Because people were born to love.

Be it a spouse, child or job, we have passion. And that passion fuels us the best. Think about the last time you were angry and how much energy you had. Or, think about the last time you were willing to do something for someone you loved. If you can find something to enjoy about your work, you can use that passion to push yourself even harder.

Now What?

That’s up to you. Not everyone can do what they love but I firmly believe you can love what you do. So what are you going to do now? Will you stay unhappy or find something to jump-start your work-life?

I know I’ll be moving on to my next meeting and loving every second of it.